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Information for doctors:

I am always happy to be contacted by surgeons and other consultants. Please ask me for direct contact numbers. If it is urgent, I can be contacted through the switchboard of any London private hospital 24 hours a day. More


Please use this link if you require a medicolegal report Link

Hospital Management

Dr Bristow has designed day units, operating theatres and hospitals. He has managed acute units in the NHS and the private sector. Please click here for further information link

Lines and ports

This section will provide more information if you are due to have a line or port for chemotherapy, long term antibiotics or intravenous feeding more




Anaesthesia Ltd is the private practice of Dr Aubrey Bristow, emeritus consultant anaesthetist and previously Chairman of Anaesthesia at St Bartholomew's, Europe's oldest teaching hospital. Dr Bristow is accredited in both adult and paediatric anaesthesia. His subspecialty is the insertion of lines and ports for long term drug administration such as chemotherapy. He also undertakes intensive care and has a medicolegal practice specialising in anaesthesia, resuscitation and ambulance services



Anaesthesia's first website was designed in 2006. It remains the only anaesthetic site providing on line preassessment and specific information for patients before anaesthesia.

We have now redesigned our site and separated paediatric anaesthesia from adult anaesthesia. This allows us to target each group with specific information.

Our new sites have interactive questionnaires to provide more information with fewer questions. We have added up to date information about hospital admission, the ability to settle accounts on line and a blog section with the latest news in anaesthesia.


Please visit our sites and send us your comments

Our adult site is at

and our paediatric site is at


Patients choose to be treated in central London because they want the highest level of care from recommended doctors. That is why Harley Street has been one of the world's leading medical centres for almost a century. I aim to provide individual care tailored to my patient's needs.

After thirty years of working in teaching hospitals in America and the UK I can now dedicate all my resources to this sector whilst an active academic programme and appraisal helps ensure the highest standards and latest techniques.


Phoenix Hospital Group

Aubrey Bristow is a founder of PHG which owns

Weymouth Street Hospital


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